Challenge Logistics offers a strong European Road Feeder Network out of Liège in Belgium, as well as a comprehensive truck network in the US.

Working together with over 40 reliable trucking partners, Challenge Logistics offers tailored road feeder solutions to more than 100 destinations across Europe. It currently averages in excess of 1,250 legs per month. Most of the major European capitals can be reached within 12 hours. 65% of Challenge Group’s business is nonstandard cargo, hence door-to-door solutions for complex cargo are its speciality.

Challenge Logistics provides P2P, D2P, P2D, and D2D services both in the EU and the US, and is accessible 24/7. It has access to high security trailers, dual temperature, and high insulation value trailers (FRC certified), and is able to handle oversized/odd cargo, dangerous goods (ADR), as well as live animals.

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