And you can be certain that Challenge Group is able to handle whatever cargo is entrusted to us. After all, Challenge Accepted is our company motto, and we thrive on finding innovative, efficient solutions for your shipments. Whether it is your Grand National champion, highly sensitive pharmaceuticals, urgent oil rig parts, or any other commodity that needs handling with care and expertise, Challenge Group has the training, the certifications, and the experience to take it off your hands and fly it to its destination.

65% of our business is non-standard cargo, so we are used to thinking outside the box in order to get that box shipped. We offer global door-to-door air transportation and freight logistics solutions.

Industries served

Challenge Accepted TM


Comprehensive, on-time transport and delivery are all part and parcel of the Challenge Group service.


From first mile to last mile and everything in between. E-commerce means expertly juggling a multitude of small parcels, an ever-increasing customer network, and heightened security measures, all within the smallest of time frames. Challenge Group covers the journey from start to finish in this fast-moving and rapidly growing industry.


Non-standard is Challenge Group’s routine: two thirds of our business is large and complex cargo.


Time is of the essence when it comes to AOG (aircraft-on-ground) shipments. Challenge Group’s time-critical, tailored, door-to-door solutions get your aircraft back into the air as quickly as possible, no matter if the replacement part is small and compact, or a large Trent 1000 or GE90 engine.

Oil & Gas

Heavy weight or oversize cargo? No problem: non-standard is our standard! When it comes to outsize cargo, (65% of all shipments we handle), Challenge Group has perfected the combination of fast, flexible, innovative solutions with state-of-the-art 3D load-chart technology, nose-door freighters, and the largest (52-tonne!) high loader in Europe.


Challenge Group  (literally) drives your business! Whether an automotive plant is  at a standstill for need of parts, or you are waiting for your new car, Challenge Group is the answer. We handle and ship all kinds of cargo for the automotive industry, from spare parts to vehicles, across our network, quickly, reliably, and safely.


Security, care, and discretion are core Challenge Group principles in the transport of premium fashion and high-tech brands.

High Technology

Today’s world without high technology? From large-scale warehouse robotics to computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing machines, specialized pharma and medical precision instruments, all the way through to complex aerospace equipment; high technology products are often highly valuable and fragile, and require expert handling and transportation. Challenge Group has those experts.


Everyone loves fashion! So do we! And it is our mission at Challenge Group, to ensure that your favourite brands reach the shops without delay, straight from the factory. We offer efficient, reliable, tailored (pun intended!), multimodal solutions and ad-hoc charter services.


From pharmaceuticals to flowers and food, Challenge Group keeps everything fresh.

Agriculture & Food

Food and flowers are best enjoyed fresh! At Challenge Group, we pay the utmost attention to food safety, hygiene, and temperature management. Just like a chef garnishing a mouth-watering dish, we embellish our perishables logistics recipe, adding flourishes of perfection to safely transporting fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, and fresh flowers.


Logistics is a life-line, but only if carried out with care. The effectivity of vaccines and medication that to pharmacies and hospitals across the world, depends on safe, temperature-controlled, hygienic transportation. Challenge Group is CEIV Pharma-certified and offers professional solutions: top-of-the-range active (Envirotainer, CSafe, and Doksas), and passive (Va-Q-Tec and Skycell) containers, Silver Skin thermal blankets, and dry ice, where required.


Cargo Aircraft Only transportation carried out by certified professionals.


Safety first, at all times. Dangerous goods transportation is the most strictly regulated field in aviation, requiring in-depth training and care. Challenge Group is experienced and audited to handle hazardous material of any class. We always comply with international regulations and industry standards, and work with equally professional forwarding partners.


Comfort in the air and on the ground plus IATA CEIV Live quality assurance.

Live animals

We love horses! As a leading horse carrier, we are not only good at what we do, we have the CEIV Live Animals certification to prove it. Challenge Group welcomes all species, and guarantees friendly, trained staff, state of the art animal facilities, and a comfortable journey. We are morally committed to never transporting any animals intended for laboratory testing.


Be it sculpture or painting, Challenge Group handles artworks with the utmost care and precision during transportation!


Challenge Group offers a secure, end-to-end logistics solution for transporting valuable artworks by air or road. Our trained professionals ensure top operational standards, complete monitoring for security, and a range of ancillary services, including tailored handling procedures and specialized crating, to meet the unique needs of fine art transport



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Air Cargo

Let us lift you higher!
With three airlines at your disposal, there is almost no limit to where we can fly your cargo. Our in-house commercial subsidiary can arrange capacity access for you.


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From the slightest defect to a full body check, we offer it all – either at our locations or possibly yours.

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From pick-up to delivery – we have what it takes to provide you with an end-to-end solution, whatever the commodity, routing, or distance.